OUT NOW: Trance Arts feat. Carie - I've seen the World

2016-01-07 17:00

He is back! It has been quite a while since the Trance family has seen the last Trance Arts single, but now he is back in the spotlight of the scene revealing his first strike in 2016 -the excellent new single: "I've seen the World", featuring lovely vocals by Carie.

Trance Arts' last track was "Still have a Choice" back in 2014. The ones, who believe that he hasn't been working in the studio meanwhile, haven't taken a look behind the scenes. Actually, he delivered some top-notch productions for his friend Amir Hussein, who is signed to Armada Music, including a remix for Armin van Buuren. For 2016, he is again ready to take over the stage himself as Trance Arts.

Taking off with his new song "I've seen the World", he builds on proven collaboration with Carie as vocalist. In the past, this dream team provided amazing songs like “I feel alive” and “Eternity”. This new song "I've seen the World" enthralls with a phenomenal melody and excellent vocals.

Trance Arts feat. Carie "I've seen the World" is now available through Pure Energy Records in all download shops worldwide. 




Original Mix/Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPGIWu9Hysk






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