OUT NOW: Dennis Sheperd & Liftwalkers - Across The Pond

2016-09-08 17:00



Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mK86lQazbo


Dennis Sheperd is without any doubt one of the most hardworking German Trance artists. His two artist albums and numerous single and remix releases, his own record label “A Tribute to Life” and regular DJ gigs around the world are proof for this commendation. “Across the Pond” marks another step for the popular artist. This song was produced in collaboration with the uprising duo Liftwalkers from Chile.

It is not unusual that artists concentrate on working in the studio for a big anniversary like Dennis Sheperd will face soon: In 2017, he will celebrate his 10th anniversary in the Trance music scene. Since 2007, he has constantly made progress and his artist career has already had a lot of milestones and highlights. However, before his anniversary next year, there are still some big moments to come and “Across the Pond” is one of them. His transcontinental collaboration between Berlin (Germany) and Santiago (Chile) evolved from a common DJ gig, which additionally brought Liftwalkers to Dennis’ label “A Tribute to Life” with the latest single “Insight”.

“Across the Pond” ties in with the top-notch Progressive Trance single releases by Dennis Sheperd. He proves with this song that it doesn’t need brilliant vocals to attract the scene’s attention, as this song is an outstanding instrumental track.

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