Latest Release: Nektarios & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Dawn






Nektarios, who is of Greek descent, is the new sound of melodic trance music. He is a Wall Street businessman by day, and a Trance music producer and DJ by night.

Music has always been a passion in Nektarios' life. He started listening to trance and electronic dance music from the very early days and watched the scene evolve. His intense desire to be able to create melodic trance music, made him teach himself music composition and production -- despite his extremely busy schedule on Wall Street. His aim is to create melodies that will deeply inspire and take the listener to another world.

In addition to being a music producer, Nektarios has organized several Trance parties in New York City with the purpose of bringing well known DJs from Europe to Manhattan.

With his music and events, he not only delights numerous Trance fans, but also caught the attention of the legendary and world famous Trance singers Kirsty Hawkshaw and Jan Johnston. Being so impressed by his work, they collaborated with him on new and exciting songs.

The first production of this unique cooperation is “Invisible Walls”, which resulted in the collaboration with the German producer Accuface when they gathered at Nektarios’ studio in New York. Accuface has produced a timeless ‘Back to the Roots’ Trance mix. In addition, the two current breakthrough artists Dennis Sheperd and Trance Arts have contributed two distinctive remixes.


Discography (on Pure Energy):

Nektarios meets Kirsty Hawkshaw and Jan Johnston - Invisible Walls
Release: 19.05.2011 

Nektarios & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Dawn
Release: 18.05.2012 


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