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Latest Release: Nektarios meets Kirsty Hawkshaw and Jan Johnston - Invisible Walls






In the early 1990s she was signed to Columbia Records as part of the pop duo JJ which gained some recognition touring the UK.

However when the band project failed she went solo signing to A&M Records. In the mid 1990's she came to the attention of trance producer Brian Transeau when he purchased one of her singles from a bargain bin in Manchester. Impressed by her vocals, he decided to collaborate with her recording the track "Remember."

Following this, Jan was in demand to vocal for many other trance tracks. Paul Oakenfold signed her to his Perfecto Records label in 1999 to record an album. The resulting album 'Emerging' was delayed numerous times, with her first Perfecto release being a track she recorded with BT years earlier entitled "Flesh" rather than an actual track from the album. The original version of "Flesh" has never been released, only remixes. A cover of the Carpenters' song "Superstar" was lined up to be the album's first single, with remixes produced by Todd Terry and Bill Hammel but would ultimately go on to be unreleased. Only one track from "Emerging" was released as a single; "Silent Words" in 2001, with the album ultimately being unreleased.

Remixes of one of the album tracks "As The Cracks Appear" emerged on a Perfecto promo release as did a remix of "Superstar", and a remix of the album track "Unafraid" appeared on the soundtrack to the film Swordfish.

Following the failure of the "Emerging" project, Jan continued to write and record with trance producers, contributing five tracks to Paul van Dyk's Grammy nominated "Reflections" album amongst other projects.

In 2008, new solo tracks by Jan began to emerge with two of them "Sleeping Satellite" and "Obsession" released digitally in 2009 by Perfecto.

Discography (on Pure Energy):

Nektarios meets Kirsty Hawkshaw and Jan Johnston - Invisible Walls
Release: 19.05.2011 


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